Benefits of Certification

Organizations take certification into consideration when hiring candidates and view certifications as confirmation that the candidate underwent high quality, consistent training and has demonstrated competency for handling real-world responsibilities.

Certified employees help increase customer satisfaction, reduce network downtime, and push service to a higher level, helping to give their organizations a competitive advantage.

Why pursue a Certification?  

    1. Higher Salaries: Professionals with certifications can demand significantly higher salaries. Certified individuals’ salaries increase, on average, up to 9%  over those of non-certified individuals’ salaries
    2. A Competitive Advantage: Certifications validate technical knowledge and skills and give Candidates holding a certification a competitive advantage over those with an equivalent level and hands-on experience.  
    3. New Career Options

NewTech offers training for a wide range of certification tracks.

  1. Microsoft Certification
  2. Cisco Certification
  3. VMware Certification
  4. Linux Certification
  5. Android Apps
  6. iOS Apps